Oklahoma's Preferred Dealer For In-Home Products

You already know us for our great vehicle and driving products, but we also have a great selection of in-home products as well.  We carry a complete selection of portable stair ramps, stair lifts and vertical rising wheelchair lifts for your porch or garage.  We have fully trained, licensed technicians that will come to your home and get the products installed.  Call us for a free in-home evaluation.

Vertical Rising Wheelchair Lift For Your Porch, Deck Or Garage

Vertical Platform Lifts deliver the most simple and direct solution for conquering the “deck divide.” Smoothly and effortlessly moving straight up and down, from patio ...


Vertical Platform Lift

Stair lifts

Safely Up or Down Stair lifts date all the way back to the 1930s.  Today you will find two types of stair lifts referred to as straight or curved stair lift.  You can ...


Elan Straight Rail Elite Straight Rail Outdoor Elite Straight Rail Elite Custom Curve Rail Outdoor Elite Curve Rail

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

A wide variety of portable wheelchair ramps are available. We have fixed ramps, telescoping ramps, track ramps and even suitcase style ramps. All our ramps are manufactured to the ...


Multi Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp Single Fold Portable Ramp Multi Fold Extended Reach Ramp Solid Portable Wheelchair Ramp Threshold Wheelchair Ramp Wheelchair Ramp With Handrail